Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thoughts on Communication

By Vince Lombardi Jr.
From the book, “Winning With Teamwork”

Good leaders have the following qualities:
1. An inspiring vision and the communication skills to transmit the vision to their people.
2. The communication skills to build a consensus; to get people to work together to achieve the vision.
3. The communication skills to engender enthusiasm within their team to achieve the vision.
4. Finally, a willingness to lead.

Three key things about communication:
1. Good ideas don’t sell themselves.
2. Everything you do as a coach is a form of communication. People never take their eyes off of you.
3. It’s not so much what you say, it’s how you say it, that matters.

Communication doesn’t take place until your people:
1. Hear or see what you have to say.
2. Understand it.
3. Believe it.
4. Believe you mean it.
5. Remember it.
6. Internalize it.
7. And begin to use it themselves.

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