Friday, February 25, 2011

He Could Not Remember

By Gigi Tchividjian, More Stories from the Heart

There was someone who suffered terribly over a mistake he had made as a young man, for which he thought he could never be forgiven. One day he heard of an elderly lady who had divinely inspired dreams and visions. He finally gathered enough courage to visit her. Over a cup of tea, he asked if she could ask God a question for him.

The woman looked at the man a little curiously. She had never been asked this before. "Yes, I would be happy to”, she answered. "What do you want me to ask Him?"

"Well," the man began, "would you please ask Him what sin it was that I committed as a young man?"

The woman, quite curious now, readily agreed.

A few weeks passed, and the man again went to visit this woman. After another cup of tea he cautiously, timidly asked, "Have you had any visions lately?"

The woman said that she had, and that she had asked God to show her what mistake he had made as a young man. The man, nervous and afraid, hesitated a moment and then asked, "Well, what did He show you?"

The woman looked up into his face and replied gently, "He told me He could not remember."

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