Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Giving back"

By Bob Perks

Life isn't about what you get from it.
Life is about what you give to it.

It's another Monday. For some, just hearing that brings a feeling of sadness,
depression and angst.

As a society we buy in to such things and those who don't, appear to be pollyanna-like,
foolish, die hard, the glass is always half full, positive thinkers.

But times are changing.

I am tired of turning on the TV to see another senseless act of violence. I am sick of
reading about the stock market, job loss, armed robberies and war.

Still, I am not foolish enough to believe that all I need to do is turn off the television, stop
reading the newspapers and avoid the internet.

I must still remain aware but balance it all with hope, faith and logic.

Here is the truth. In spite of all the ugly in the world, the beautiful is overwhelming.

You cannot hide from the day. Violence and hatred does not stop simply by denying it.

As much as you hate Mondays, the sun waits for no one.

The truth is...There is no giving up or giving in on life, just giving back.

If you awoke this morning and are dreading heading into work, remind yourself there are
millions now unemployed.

Give back. Find time to help those who have no work to go to.

If you want to hide from the news of a more violent society do something...give back.

It is said that Mother Theresa was asked to join a protest against the war. Her reply
was no. "When you have a demonstration for Peace, I will participate."

Give something peaceful.

For every act of violence do two acts of kindness.

For everything you see as ugly plant something beautiful.

Be aware of what's wrong in the world and do what's right.

Monday? "Thanks, God! I'll spend it giving back!"

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